Setup WooCommerce Data Feed for Google Shopping

Google is moving more and more retailers in product listing ads.  A recent report by Marin stated that PLA spend increased 300% in 2013.


The need to effectively manage your data feeds and product listing ads will continue to increase over time.  If you are using WooCommerce you have a few options for creating your data feed which is the backbone of product listing ads.

Google Spreadsheets

Using a spreadsheet is a good option if you have a limited inventory that does not change frequently. If you have products that come and go frequently or if your quantities of items in stock change frequently using a spreadsheet will quickly become a lot of work.

Inside your Google Merchant Center (if you don’t have a Merchant Center account sign up here) next select the Data Feeds option in the left menu.  Select the New Data Feed button.

Now you can begin setting up your feed. For type use Products and select your target country. You can name your product feed whatever you like but I usually stick to something like products or store name.

Now check the box for I want to use Google Spreadsheet to store, edit and upload my feed.  If this is the first time you are creating a product feed I recommend you have Google generate a template for you.  This will give you a Google Spreadsheet that already has all of the required and optional fields in it. Finally hit save changed and you will be redirected to your data feeds.

Data feeds with Google Spreadsheets

To begin entering products click on the “Edit Spreadsheet” link and your product feed spreadsheet will appear.

WooCommerce Google Product Feed

The next option for managing your product feed with WooCoomerce is using a plugin.  The plugin I recommend is the Google Product Feed extension from WooThemes. The great thing about using this extension is that it will automatically create your feed and update the attributes in your feed as your products and inventories change. The extension costs $79 but will save you a lot of time updating and managing your feed.

WP Engine

Download and install the plugin into your store. Next go to your WooCommerce settings and you will now see a Product Feeds tab. Inside of the settings you can create all of the default settings and attributes for your products. You can also set these on a per product basis. Here are the product feed specifications for the Google product feed.  It is very important that you take some time and learn about the different attributes of the feed because not setting them up correctly will cause Google to disapprove your products.  The more complete and accurate your data feed is the more likely it will be that your products are displayed in the product listing ad areas in the search results page.



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